NC programming system for splitting PCD-blanks on wire EDM

Creating the NC programs for splitting PCD rounds, according to the examples shown above, is a time-consuming job. If errors creep in during this process, this often leads to expensive PCD material becoming unusable.

The QuickCUT program from GTR was specially developed to solve this task and supports the processing with optimized functions. As a starting point, the program requires DXF files containing the blank outline and the outline edges of the parts to be cut out. The parts must be drawn so that the outline edges correspond to the center path of the EDM wire. The DXF data can come from any CAD system or from an automatic nesting program. QuickCut supports the creation of the NC program with the following features:

  • Sophisticated user interface according to Windows standard. All important functions can be called via menu or toolbar and also via function keys. This makes the program easy to use for for occasional users as well as for experienced users.
  • Zoom function that can be called up at any time (even while editing other functions) via function keys to set the desired drawing field section.
  • Creation of auxiliary geometry for the definition of starting point and Approach paths and display of the defined cutting paths with direction arrow at the respective cutting path end.
  • Split elements of DXF geometry at intersections to simplify contour tracking.
  • Arbitrary definition of cutting paths along the DXF contour or from point to point, supported by powerful snap functions (end points, intersection points, center points, perpendicular points).
  • Automatic tracing of contiguous outlines (entire outline edge with one mouse click).
  • Colored demarcation of the blank parts cut off at the respective state of cutting path determination
  • Simulation of the cut progress (with function keys single steps backwards and forwards, to the beginning and to the end of the cut as well as with slider quickly to any position of the cut progress)
  • Correction options for the defined cutting paths (cut, copy, delete, paste)
  • Entering the technology data (register)
  • Saving and re-reading the work data
  • Creating a control-independent CL data file
  • Generation of the NC program for the respective control type (postprocessors available for AGIE CNC 100 and CNC 123 as well as for Fanuc EDM machines)