Automatic suction positioning

Decreasing quantities force the reduction of non-productive times in order to be able to survive in competition. A significant time factor when setting up the CNC machine is the selection and placement of the suction cups for the respective workpiece.

With several 100000 placement attempts in a few seconds, the new GTR suction cup positioning software determines the optimum suction cup selection on a standard PC.

The program has been designed so that almost all conceivable suction equipment can be configured on the machines in the form of an object tree. This configuration can also be easily changed or supplemented at any time. New suction cup shapes can be read in in the form of DXF files.

In several optimization stages, the program can use different suction cup shapes, if necessary, also under the workpiece at any angle.

The effective area of the placed suction cups is displayed on the screen and the suction cups are shown graphically together with the workpiece contour and the tool interference zones. If the user identifies another optimization opportunity, the suction cup selection and positions can be changed manually. The program immediately checks the changes for collision and issues appropriate warnings.

For the collision check, the program requires the following information from the machining data and the tool configuration of the machine:

  • Toolpaths with machining depth
  • Collision diameter for undergripping tools
  • Collision length for tools whose reference length is not at the bottom edge
  • Aggregate geometry and swivel angle of the aggregate e.g. for gluing aggregate, flush milling unit, undercutting aggregate

The CADCAM systems offered by GTR provide this data and thus enable an integrated overall solution.

If you are looking for a suitable CAD system, we can recommend DraftBoard (WoodEdition). Click here.