DraftBoard WoodEdition

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Simple 3-D simulation

With the help of simulation, the results can be checked in advance.

The CADCAM-system DraftBoard WoodEdition is completely integrated into the user interface of the cad program DraftBoard.

It was developed specifically for the requirements of CNC woodworking and supports all common machining processes.

This results in the following advantages for the user:

  • Low training effort
  • Practical functions
  • Clear programming with comfortable CNC manager which enables the management of the NC programs and controls the sequence steps
  • Intelligent tool database that records material- and fiber direction-dependent data together with the tools, which are automatically taken into account in the NC program
  • Animated 3D simulation with calculation of program runtime
  • Milling operations with eleven different machining processes
  • Font milling
  • Optimized approach and departure methods for milling operations
  • Easy detection of drill holes
  • Adoption of splines and ellipses and trimmed shapes. Output as tangential arc pieces with data reduction
  • Macro technique for repeat operations
  • DXF, EPS, IGS import and export
  • OLE interface to EXCEL, databases and industry packages
  • Postprocessors and WOP generators are available for all common CNC machining centers
  • Automatic suction positioning with waste detection
  • Edging technology with database and optimized processing options

Product information

DraftBoard WoodEdition was developed in cooperation with the companies POSH and VSA.

The goal was an integrated CADCAM solution based on an easy and fast to use 3D CAD program with a CAM interface for the woodworking industry. The module was designed in such a way that even the clear creation of complex programs is possible. All common working methods in CNC woodworking can be applied.

The derivation of the NC programs from the drawing geometry does not take place by output of the data into a programming system, e.g. with a DXF-file, but directly from the DraftBoard user interface. This results in a minimal training effort and a big popularity of the program with users from training, small and medium-sized companies.

DraftBoard WoodEdition enables the generation of NC programs from contour data, which is often not possible with the control or WOP commands control or WOP commands are often not possible, such as splines, Ellipses, trimmed shapes from them, or fonts. Arbitrary pocket shapes are also possible. The CNC-Manager with its window technology enables the clear programming of any number of NC- programs from one drawing. The user selects a working method (operation) and applies this in one or more successive work steps. He is guided in the dialog and can run the operations in a graphic simulation. The machining operations can be controlled by:

  • Complete deletion of an operation
  • Fade out and fade in
  • Change the order
  • Inserting a new operation

In addition to the geometry values of the tools, the convenient tool database also contains material- and fiber-direction-dependent feed rates that are automatically calculated in the NC or WOP program. To ensure that the tools can be found quickly during programming, the database contains freely definable selection options.

DraftBoard WoodEdition creates for each NC program a so-called CL-Data file similar to DIN 66215. Postprocessor programs or WOP generators generate from these the DIN NC programs or WOP programs. Postprocessors or WOP generators are available for almost all common machines. The prices for these depend on the type of machine and the required range of functions.