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Company Name Gesellschaft für technische Rechneranwendungen mbH
(Society for technical software solutions)
Headquarter Aalen, Germany
Address GTR mbh, Felix-Wankel Straße 10, 73431 Aalen
CEO Bastian Teufel

Company History

  • Founded by Rainer Karle

    GTR mbH was initially founded by Dipl.Ing.(FH) Rainer Karle as iTRA (Engineering office for technical computer applications). After studying mechanical engineering, Mr. Karle was initially employed by a large woodworking tool manufacturer. There he was entrusted with the introduction of variant design programs for tool components. The application of the programs significantly streamlined the design and manufacturing process of the components. From this arose the business model for the engineering office, to map the design logic in programs for customers with highly variable workpieces and to derive all the necessary drawings and manufacturing data from them. At that time, unfortunately, there were no PCs with a uniform operating system. Each computer manufacturer had its own operating system. This meant that the business model could only be realized to a limited extent.

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  • Entry into NC technology

    The first PCs with the CP/M operating system appeared on the market. Low-cost NC programming systems for training were requested by the industry. In cooperation with a hardware supplier, the CAM system "NC2000" with interactive graphics was developed for Triumph Adler Alphatronic PCs and installed at some training centers. CNC machines could also be connected to the PC via a serial interface. The entry into NC technology was complete.

  • Entry business field woodworking

    A customer from the tool industry also decided to produce CNC machines for woodworking. The already existing CAM systems were suitable for metalworking, but did not inclode wood-specific functions and, above all, not easy-to-use variant technology. Under MS-DOS, the CAM-system WoodCam was developed, which was designed exactly for this use. It contained a Sophisticated variant technology with element referencing, variables, jumps, loops, macro techniques and a simple tool management. Some customer still use the system today, e.g. for front door production. It was later also ported to windows.

  • Entry into the Tool Technology Business Field

    At the beginning of the 1990s, more and more PCD tools were initially used in woodworking. The cutting edges could be ground and machined with spark erosion processes. In cooperation with the wire erosion machine manufacturer AGIE, the software "AGIETool" was developed. With its help, cutting edge profiles could be described, the distortion calculated and the erosion program output.

  • Company relocation

    Move to own company building. Since then, this is the headquarters of GTR.

  • Development measuring machine for wire erosion machines

    A major disadvantage of the wire erosion program proved to be that the exact cutting edge position could not be measured. The programming system for PCD machining with wire erosion was set up new. In cooperation with an industrial designer and the company Jauch&Schmider, this measuring machine was developed:

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    With the system, the cutting edge positions of the tools could be determined on the measuring machine, the data read into the IMCS_DIA programming system and used for calculation:

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  • Development I-CAD Vellum 4.0

    In cooperation with the company Vellum Software GmbH and the sales partner I-CAD, a CAM interface was programmed into the CAD program I-CAD Vellum 4.0. This function enables the user to generate the CNC or WOP programs from the drawing. The use of the CAD program as well as the CAM module is very simple. That is why the system has been installed in a large number of schools, where it is still in use today. Milestones of developments in woodworking:

    • Calculation of the optimum, collision-free suction cup positions for fast setup of the CNC machines

    • Collision calculation of the gluing unit with the contour to be processed and automatic tracking. Technology database for gluing parameters

    • Automatic multilayer gluing

  • First release of ProfDia and ProfDiaF for Wire EDM machines

    The programming system was relaunched and expanded to include a function with which the cutting edge position could be determined and returned to the programming system with the aid of a probe attached to the erosion machine. The CAM system ProfDIA for rotating tools and ProfDIAF for turning steels was used on the market from this point on and is constantly being expanded and optimized to this day.

  • Implementation 3D program in Solidworks

    After the extension of the CAD program Vellum or DraftBoard to a CAD/CAM system worked well and was accepted by the customers, such a procedure should be implemented in the 3D program SolidWorks. At that time, the company PASCAM started to develop a CAM module for woodworking with SWX. A cooperation was agreed with the division of tasks, that GTR would take over the development of all modules which are necessary for the control of the CNC machines. This included: the tool database, the 3D simulation, the postprocessors or WOP generators for the woodworking machines. The system can be automated and as a result, customers were able to integrate the complete design and production process into the system.

  • First version ProfDia and ProfDiaF for laser machines

    In cooperation with a large laser machine manufacturer, ProfDIA and ProfDIAF were adapted to their machines. Considerable development effort was required and several new processes had to be developed to profile the tool cutting edges quickly and accurately. The system works reliable and successfully and the machine manufacturer has been the market leader in laser tool profiling for several years.

  • Takeover by Bastian Teufel

    Im Jahr 2018 wurde die Firma von Dipl.Ing.(FH) Bastian Teufel übernommen. Rainer Karle arbeitet als freier Mitarbeiter GTR und steht der Firma mit seinem Expertenwissen zur Verfügung.