Programming software for manufacturing PCD-tools

For over 20 years, GTR has specialized in the development of CAM systems for the creation of NC programs for wire EDM as well as laser machines. Our programs map the production process from preparing the PCD segments, measuring the cutting geometries to generating and executing the generated machining programs. We provide our software with post-processors for different control systems. If required, our software can be adapted to other machine types and applications.

CAD/CAM systems for woodworking

We are happy to extend your CAD/CAM software with functions related to woodworking. We enable the user to generate the CNC or WOP programs from a drawing. Thereby the applications and their functions are kept as simple as possible for the user. By optimizing your software, the optimal, collision-free suction cup positions can be calculated for quick setup of the CNC machines. Or a further collision calculation of the glue unit with the contour to be processed, an automatic tracking as well as a technology database for glue parameters. In addition, further functions for multi-layer gluing are possible.

CAD training licenses for carpentry training

For school and training we offer customized classroom, as well as instructor licenses. For the trainees we provide cost-effective licenses for learning CAD/CAM applications over the entire training period. training period.