The program is used to create NC data for splitting as well as applying chamfers to PCD probes using laser machines. DXF geometry files are used as the basis for creating the NC data, in which the geometry data of the blanks to be split with the parts to be cut out are contained. The parts to be cut out must be drawn larger than the required parts by the laser spot radius, so that the outline contour represents the laser center path when the parts are cut out. The edges of directly adjacent parts thus lie directly on top of each other. The arrangement of the parts on the blank can be done either manually in a suitable CAD program or automatically with a suitable nesting program be carried out.

The program supports the following work steps:

  • Reading in the DXF files
  • Optimize contour trains for faster machining
  • Automatic generation of the traverse paths for ripping blanks and applying chamfers to the back of the blank
  • Manage the laser technologies
  • Management of multiple clamping positions